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About Belize

Belize is a small independent English speaking country in the Western Caribbean. Its renowned beauty, friendly people, and inviting climate are just a few of the reasons why Belize is poised to be one of the best places to

Unique Attributes about Belize

  • Belize is part of the Caribbean but is also a Central America Country as its bordered by Mexico to the North and by Guatemala to the west and south.
  • It is the only Central American Country that has English as its official Language.
  • It boasts having the second largest barrier reef in the word and is home to the famous Blue Hole. Visitors come from afar to enjoy the snorkeling, diving, and fishing in Belize.
  • The currency is 2 BZ Dollars to 1 US Dollar.
  • It has an estimated population of about 314,522 and is a country of diverse cultures.
  • Its people are of Mestizo, Creole, Ketchi, Yucatec, Mopan Mayas, Garifuna, and East Indian descent.
  • It has a very stable economy. Much of the economical development of Belize depends greatly on Agriculture, Trade, and Tourism. Though it is a young nation it certainly has the core resources for continued growth and development.
  • In the Cayo District abundant amounts of oil were discovered and since then the exploration for oil has now become a new business venture for Belize.
  • The coastal Waters of Belize is home to some 200 cayes/islands including Ambergris Caye; home of Crown Corporate Services.

Where is Belize?