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Title Upgrading


10 Reasons why it is important to upgrade your Title
from a Deed of Conveyance to a Land Certificate

1. Quick and Easy property identification:

  • With only providing your parcel number, block number, and registration section VERSUS with a Conveyance you would need to provide a lot number, entry number, register number, deeds book volume and a folio number.
  • It's less information with a land certificate.

2. Greater Security of Ownership:

  • If you want to sell the property and you have a land certificate, the transfer of title between the seller and buyer can only go through if both parties sign the title transfer documents VERSUS with a conveyance, only the seller would sign the Title Transfer Documents.
  • It is always better that both parties sign.

3. Greater Peace of Mind:

  • To know that no other Land Certificate can be issued under your same parcel number, block number, and registration section so long as you have not signed a title transfer and surrendered your original land certificate VERSUS with the conveyance the proprietor does not have to surrender his original conveyance to the Lands Department when selling his/her property.
  • Therefore, there can only be one existing original Land Certificate for your property.

4. Individual Property Certificates:

  • If you own more than one property you can have a Land Certificate for each parcel VERSUS where some conveyances hold several lots under that one title if the property is within the same area.
  • It's better to have a title for each property in the event you want to sell one, mortgage one, etc.

5. Save TIME and MONEY when obtaining a Title Investigation:

  • The information for titles under a land certificate is computerized at the lands department and therefore quicker to obtain versus with a conveyance the investigator would need to manually inspect volumes of books to gather the information about your property.

6. Quicker Bank Financing

7. Quicker, Less-Complicated Title Transfer

8. Minimal paperwork in most transactions; even when preparing a Will.

9. Minimized room for error in most transactions.

10. Minimized hassle and higher cost effectiveness when paying property taxes:

  • Since property owners with land certificates would pay their property taxes in the district where the property is versus having to travel to the lands department in the capital city, Belmopan, oin the case of a conveyance.